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Professor Augustinus Bader

A pioneer in regenerative medicine

Professor Augustinus Bader of Leipzig University is one of the world's leading stem cell and biomedical scientists, and the originator of a breakthrough medical treatment that activates and orchestrates the body's innate regenerative processes.

Now, in order to support his Foundation's mission to bring this healing treatment to those who need it most, he has developed an innovative skincare technology.

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Why do some wounds heal and others do not?

This one compelling question has driven Professor Bader's work over thirty years, leading him to focus on the regenerative capabilities of stem cells.

His discoveries have led him to the realisation that the body is humanity's greatest technology, containing within it everything it needs to achieve its optimum condition.

A stem cell breakthrough

Professor Bader has developed a groundbreaking technology that activates, harnesses and orchestrates the body's own systems to repair and regenerate.

Until now, stem cell science has focused on removing stem cells to work with them outside the body, or using foreign stem cells from plants and animals. Professor Bader's technology works with the body's own stem cells, activating them in situ, boosting them, and committing them to generate the correct, healed tissue.

The ABC Method

Through his extensive research, Professor Bader has developed a powerful technique that unlocks the body’s innate code for tissue repair. It is based on the discovery of three functions that must happen simultaneously in the stem cells for healing to take place: Activate, Boost, Commit. The ABC Method is a totally new approach, working with the body’s own physiological communication systems to trigger healing for sustainable health and wellbeing.
Specific signaling tools that exist within the body are replicated and used to activate the patient's own stem cells, inside the body.
The ABC method supports the body to boost its own regenerative capacity in a safe and controlled environment.
Tissue-specific signals commit cells to generate the correct, healthy tissue relative to their location in the body.

Clinical applications

The ABC Method is at the heart of Professor Bader's regenerative therapies. He works with a selected number of doctors who are experts in their fields to apply these therapies in a clinical setting.

Their pilot studies achieved unprecedented results and demonstrated the ABC Method's potential to treat a huge range of conditions.

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This is the cream that works.

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