Decoding Skin

We are sharing the science behind our skincare by demystifying seven common skin types.
Decoding Skin

With purposeful determination and a keen understanding of how skin functions, Professor Augustinus Bader has decoded multiple skin conditions - expanding beyond just dry, oily or normal to include other physiological aspects: aging, sensitivity, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and the redness that comes with rosacea.

As part of our Decoding Skin series, we demystify these common concerns and types, and share with you the science behind our skincare to explain exactly how our creams work.

Whether it be aiding the production of collagen, speeding up cell turnover, or discovering the ultimate weapon to stabilize oily skin; visit The Bader Journal to decode your skin.

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The Science

At Augustinus Bader, we have access to some of the world’s leading scientists and experts in the field of skin health and innovation. Thanks to their knowledge and expertise, we are 'Decoding Skin.' This first-hand knowledge and insider insight is straight from the lab in Leipzig.

By introducing a taxonomy of skin conditions, we empower each individual to discover their unique type alongside specific triggers. To decode your personal skin type and learn more, visit The Bader Journal.

The Cast

Model Louisa Northcote, a long-time acne sufferer, explains: “I’ve always loved skincare. But having acne makes you weary, because you’re worried something is going to burn or aggravate your skin. It’s so calming, and I’ve seen a difference. I have no new spots and it’s started to help my scarring.”

Journalist and author Elizabeth Day found that the redness in her skin was reduced using The Cream: “My skin is grateful for the moisture, it’s evened out my skin tone, the redness has decreased, and I felt soothed and moisturized,” she says.

Model Jenn Atilemile who has been trying The Cream for 27 days says: “What I noticed the most is hydration, and that my skin didn’t go oily in the heat. It’s been nice to have a light cream on and not have stickiness.”